Unlimited company proprietor / partners to be no limit on liability, risk management by the proprietor / partners of full commitment, the company’s debt also increased from proprietor / partners in full charge; creditor is entitled to the court for seizure and sale of the proprietor / partners under the name of private property.

Comparison between company forms

People who commence his own business shall fully consider the form of company of limited company versus unlimited company as below.



  1. Contact us for the unlimited company registration application form;
  2. Submit the application form together with (i) a copy of Hong Kong identity card; and (ii) a copy three months valid address proof of the proposed proprietor or all partners to us by fax to (852)2838 2830 or WhatsApp to (852) 9198 1993 or email to info@kensocpa.com;
  3. We will contact you to confirm the completeness and validity for information provided;
  4. Client pays the full balance by bank transfer to our bank account;
  5. We will prepare required documents in 1 working day;
  6. The proposed proprietor or all partners must come to our office to sign the documents;
  7. We will then submit the required documents and fees to the governmental department; after that, we will notify the client to collect the relevant documents
  8. Client could open the bank account with provided relevant documents.

# Once deposit received, if client want to make any changes on company name, register address, particulars of the proposed proprietor or all partners will subject to an extra administrative and documents reproduction fee.